When a family gathers to celebrate Christmas in a New Zealand coastal town, it doesn’t take long for the cracks in the family facade to show. The unexpected return from London of the eldest daughter Ngaire, sets events in motion that force two sisters to confront their past. As family secrets are revealed, a seven year old child almost loses the security of the life she has always known.
June: Joanne Simpson
Ngaire: Madeline McNamara
Bill: William Brandt
Lou: Frances Direen
Doris: Glenis Levestam
Jock: Desmond Kelly
Cast: Russell Smith
Betty: Ellie Smith
Mavis: Joan Reid
Morris: Jim Mcfarlane
Maria: Helen Cashin
Children: Janet Direen
Children: Charlie Bleakley
Children: Paddy Bleakley
Narrator: Amy Pearson
Priest: John Berry
Nativity Play: St Theresa’s School
Director: Kate Jason-Smith
Producer: Annie Collins
Executive Producer: Robin Laing
Director of Photography: Bayly Watson
Editor: Annie Collins
Composer: Jan Preston
Production Manager: Jill Wilson
1 St Assistant Director: Joe Nolan
Art Director: Kate Thurston
Sound Recordist: Ken Saville
Chaperone: Lorae Parry
Dialogue Coach: Lorae Parry
Script Consultant: Pip Byrne
Continuity: Jenny Vial
Continuity: Fiona Buchanan

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