In 1953, eighteen year old Louise and Daniel meet and fall in love. Louise is Catholic and Daniel is Jewish. Their relationship sets off waves of crisis through both families.Inevitably, the young couple are forced to see that it is more than “their business” - and that their relationship has repercussions far beyond themselves.
Louise: Sarah Smuts-Kennedy
Daniel: Craig Parker
Erma Rosen: Alma Woods
Ruth Rosen: Aileen O’sullivan
Eli Rosen: John Sumner
Anne Montgomery: Andrea Kelland
Ted: Francis Bell
Brigid Montgomery: Karen Ferguson
Paul Montgomery: Joseph Hassell
Bede Montgomery: Tim Dale
Tricia Montgomery: Victoria Spence
Lizzie Montgomery: Ella Flynn
Peggy: Mandi Buswell
Maureen: Tasha Gray
Director: Shereen Maloney
Producer: Owen Hughes
Executive Producer: Robin Laing
Writer: Joy Cowley
Director of Photography: Donald Duncan
Editor: Dell King
Composer: Keith Ballantyne
Art Director: Brett Schweiters
Production Manager: Jill Wilson
1 St Assistant Director: Melanie Read
Sound Recordist: Donald Mathewson
Funded: The Short Film Fund
Funded: NZ on Air
Funded: TVNZ

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