When reporter Tim McGuire does a story on disgraced lawyer Grant Hilliard he stumbles on to a solution to his own money worries. The lawyer is supposed to have lost $6 million of client's money in gambling but McGuire follows a trail to a Cook Islands bank.
Tim McGurire - Mark Clare
Anne McQuire - Peta Rutter
Johnny McQuire - Patrick Morrison
Grant Hilliard - Peter Elliott
Jane Hillard - Teresa Woodham
Phil Reid - David Stott
Det Sgt Milligan - John Sumner
Peter Bunce - Stephen Hall
Frances Scott - Sarah Wilson
Harry Bennett - Paul Gitins
Director: Jonothan Cullinane
Producer: Owen Hughes
Writer: Stephen Batt
Writer: Jonothan Cullinane
Production Co-Ordinator: Julia Durkin
Line Producer: Rachel Jean


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