drama that mixes elements of fantasy and mythology and relates the tale of a sleepy fishing village that is visited by an eccentric stranger who appears from the sea.

Writer: Briar Grace-Smith
Producer: Larry Parr
Producer: Julian Sonny Arahanga
Director: Peter Burger (ngai Tahu; Rangitane)
Executive Producer: Fiona Copland
Art Director: Cuslah Leonard
1 St Assistant Director: Fiona Bartlett
1 St Assistant Director: Luke Robinson
Stills Photographer: Chris Cood
Stills Photographer: Matt Grace
Stills Photographer: Paul Rapata
Editor: Jonno Woodford-Robinson
Audio Producer: Tracey Brown
Sound: Chris Hiles
Original Music: Jonathan Crayford
Mere: Nancy Bruning
Moses: Jacob Rajan
Toa: Kirk Torrance
Libby: Madeleine Sami
Heremaia: Luke Tarei
Rata: Rachel Batty
Nan: Bub Bridger

Fish Skin Suit

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