Filmed on location in both Auckland and Sydney, the movie tells the story of Detective Sergeant Ihaka (Morrison), a no-nonsense cop in the Auckland PD.

After a very public incident involving a mugger and a baseball bat, Ihaka is shipped off to Sydney to attend an international symposium on policing techniques and finds himself partnered with Kirsty Finn (Rebecca Gibney), a by-the-book detective with the Australian Federal Police.

Cast photoOne of the exercises of the symposium is to review procedures used in past cases and Ihaka and Finn are given the unsolved case of the rape and murder of a model, where it was assumed that it was just a 'thrill kill'.

However, during the course of their review they find evidence that was previously ignored and suddenly they're not just reviewing the case - they are hot on the heels of the killer and up to their necks in blackmail, deceit and dangerous criminals who want their secret to remain hidden.

Producer: Ian Bradley
Director: Peter Fisk
Executive Producer: Fran McConnell
Executive Producer: Des Monaghan
Production Executive (Columbia Tristar): Sally-Anne Kerr
Production Designer: Murray Picknett
Director of Photography: Nino Martinetti
Editor: Shawn Seet
Writer: Paul Thomas

Aka Cinayet Dosyası

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Available online via Prime Video and Apple+ in some countries.

The film was based on the character created by Paul Thomas in 5 novels

  • Old School Tie (1994) (aka Dirty Laundry)
  • Inside Dope (1995)
  • Guerilla Season (1996)
  • Death on Demand (2012)
  • Fallout (2014)
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