A series of seven live plays based on the reactions and fortunes of immigrants in New Zealand, ranging from nigh comedy and classical drama to an historical documentary.

The Spanish Lady (25/1/1976)
On October 12, 1918, the RMS Niagara docked in Auckland. She had on board Sir Joseph Ward and William Massey, coalition leaders of New Zealand. Also on board was one of the most lethal infections ever to affect the earth. This play investigated the reasons, political and human, why the Spanish Influenza virus escaped quarantine to kill 6700 New Zealanders
William Massey - Ernie Stanley
Dr Burnett - Wayne Bell
Captain Rolls - Johnny Johnstone
Sir Joseph Ward - Bill Johnson
Chief Officer - Robert Gould
George Russell - Bob Finsh
Dr MacKenzie - Bill Smith
Dr Hughes - Peter Morgan
Browns - Norman Forsey
Spense - Charles Little
Port Med. Officer - Bruce Allpress
Written by Ken Catran
Designer - Logan Brewer
Director - Brian McDuffie
Producer - John McRae

Bwana (1/2/1976)
Peter Wede, a university lecturer, leaves racist South Africa to settle in New Zealand. His humanitarian ideals are not supported ‘by has wfe, who recoils involuntarily from Maori and Islanders. In the drama Peter, his wife and a young Maori student are on a collision course.
Peter - Paul Robinson
Christine - Ruth Lyster
David - Rawiri Paratene
Ted - ivan Beavisanas
Designer - Logan Brewer
Director - Bill Cole

Hello Sailor (8/2/1976)
Two sailors on shore leave are bent on sampling the fleshly delights of Christchurch. Each one sees a different side to the New Zealand woman.
Teddy - Ray Wold
Jocko - Gerritt Bahlman
Avril - Heather Eggleton
Jewel - Elizabeth Crutchley
Barman - Kevin Wilson
Mrs Snell - Juoi Douglass
Mr Snell - Mervyn Glue
Maxine - Elizabeth Moody
Written by William Robin Taylor
Designer - Michael Perry
Director - John Winsburough

Strictly within the Family (15/2/1976)
Marcos, a young Cypriot, is brought out to New Zealand by a rich uncle to marry his daughter. Marcos's family loyalty is undermined by Sheryl, an attractive, free-thinking New Zealander. In this play, we see the contest between tradition
add personality and the casualties it causes.
Marcos - Stephen Crane
Sheryl - Elizabeth Coulter
Spiro - Johnny Johnstone
Eleni - Alma Woods
Casta - Eddie Megan
Maria - Fiona Fitzroy
Sheryl's Mother - Cynthia Anthony
Written by David Somerset
Designer - Logan Brewer:
Olrector - Brian McDuffie

Over The Fence (22/2/1976)
Stefan, a Czechoslovakian airman, settles in post -war New Zealand. Out of the blue he is joined by his childhood sweetheart Jana who he thought had been killed by the germans. This play portrays their struggle to bridge the gulf of experience opened between them bay a world war.
Stefan - Wayne Bell
Jane - Jenny Ludlam
Jim Brownley - Grant Tilly
Ian Stewart - Paul Woods
Sue - Liddy Holloway
Isobel - Nevan Rowe
Mrs Stewart - Dianne Burtenshaw
Aunt Vi - Margaret Maxwell
Written by Brent Leslie
Designer - Logan Brewer
Director - Bill Cole

Selling The Family (29/2/1976)
An old Dalmatian orchardist is unwilling to sell his property to a developer. His deep loyalty to the land battles with the lure of a trip home and a comfortable house. He makes his decision and suffers the backlash.
Mick - Chic Littlewood
Mlian - Harold Kissin
Brannigan - Richard Poore
Cordin - Alan Dale
Jenks - Marcus Craig
Receptionist - Penny Bennett
Written by Anthony Stones
Designer - Logan Brewer
Director - Bill Coole

Cruise Into Confidence (7/3/1976)
Fingers Foster, a small-time con-man, has staked out a cruise ship to capture a rich, gullible heiress. Constance Grainger, a rich spinster, fall under his seedy spell. With the assistance of a gaga English couple, they mary in KeriKeri. A wedding night revelation sets the marriage off on an unexpected footing.
Jason Forster - Alan Stratford Johns
Constance Grainger - Nanette Ryder
Brian Walsh - Robert Bell
Col. George Castleton - Bill Johnson
Agatha Castieton - Pat Evison
Trafalgar 'Jelly' Twist - Chic Littlewood
Hone Heke Meads - Hemi Rapata
Written by Graeme Farmer
Designer - Lindsay Lethbridge
Director - Bill Cole

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