Title cardGerman series of dramas based on novels by Emilie Richards which look to have been filmed in New Zealand. 

Longing for New Zealand / Sehnsucht nach Neuseeland (2009, based on Smoke Screen)
Paige Duvall flew to distant New Zealand to accept a mysterious inheritance. Here Paige follows in the footsteps of the man to whom she owes this unusual inheritance and in the process uncovers a family secret...

Paradise at the end of the world / Das Paradies am Ende der Welt (2009, based on Out of the Ashes)
Julia Whitman traveled to the other end of the world with her daughter Jody - on the run from her abusive husband Charles. In New Zealand she meets Matthew Haley, with whom she finally falls in love against all emotional resistance. But the shadows of the past are not yet conquered, because Julia's ex-husband Charles has tracked her down...

Forever New Zealand / Emilie Richards: Für immer Neuseeland (2010, based on Aloha Always)
Tina Fielding has never believed in rules. And so every morning she secretly climbs over a fence to go swimming at one of the most beautiful private beaches. Until one day she is caught by a very attractive but unfortunately also very upset man and asked to leave the premises immediately. The unusual beginning of a wonderful romance: the more time Tina spends with Colin Channing, the deeper, more tender her feelings for him become. Little does Tina know that Colin is hiding a dark secret. In a few days, a murder trial will begin against him: he is said to have killed his own wife...

Time for Forgiveness / Emilie Richards: Zeit der Vergebung (2010, based on From Glowing Embers)
Ten years after precipitously separating from the love of her life, Gray Sheridan, Julianna returns to the island of Waiheke as a wealthy businesswoman who now runs a thriving wine business around the world. Gary's family once robbed Julianna's father of all his belongings, driving him to suicide. Julianna seeks revenge on Gray's family by taking over the Sheridan Winery. But when she meets her old love again, old wounds are reopened and Julianna quickly realizes that she has not yet come to terms with the past and that there is more to Gray than she wants to admit.

Just think of us both / Emilie Richards: Denk nur an uns beide (2010, based on Sweet Georgia Gal)
The young teacher Stacy MacDonald, after various private misfortunes, takes a career break and helps her friend out in the catering service. Shortly thereafter, she meets the architect Ryan Cunningham and his three nieces and nephews. Ryan's sister recently passed away, so he's now taking care of the kids. However, he seems overwhelmed with the children and hires Stacy as a nanny. But she soon realizes that she feels far more for her boss.

Longing for Sandy Bay / Emilie Richards: Sehnsucht nach Sandy Bay (2011, based on Bayou Midnight)
Psychotherapist Antoinette always has the right advice for her patients. However, things are not going so well with her own love life: she hardly has any feelings for her husband Timothy anymore. On the other hand, her heart beats more for the young and attractive Dr. Sam Long. However, the emerging love is put to the test.

Longing for Paradise Island / Emilie Richards: Sehnsucht nach Paradise Island (2011, based on Rainbow Fire)
After 20 years, Kelsey Donovan was able to track down her father Jake, a professional treasure diver. In New Zealand, together with Dillon Ward, he offers diving tours for tourists. While the bond between Kelsey and her father goes against Kelsey's hopes, Dillon is enchanted from the moment she meets her. The ice between father and daughter seems broken when Jake almost loses his life while diving. But when Dillon and Kelsey grow closer, Jake feels betrayed. Jake also tracks down a wreck that is said to contain a pot of gold and a large opal. When there are burglaries, it can no longer be ruled out that others will know about this treasure.

Heart Decision / Emilie Richards: Entscheidung des Herzens (2011, based on Whiskey Island)
After the accidental death of her parents, Megan took over the responsibility for the sheep farm and for her younger sister Casey. She felt patronized and fled early. After years away, 32-year-old Casey suddenly returns to the family farm. Allegations are in the New Zealand air. The two sisters slowly come closer. But who is Tommy, the eight-year-old boy Casey came with? Is he actually a friend's son? Or is he Casey's kid? And why is Casey wanted by the police? Did she kidnap the boy?

The Magic of New Zealand / Emilie Richards: Der Zauber von Neuseeland (2011, based on Duncan's Lady)
Duncan Sinclair, a New Yorker, returns home after 20 years to sell his late father's estates. Once he had left New Zealand in an argument with his parents and cut off contact. Upon arrival, Ducan steps on the village doctor, Mara Turner, who is opposed to the sale of the land. Despite some conflicts, the two allow romantic feelings - not realizing that they could be half-siblings...

Traces of the past/ Spuren der Vergangenheit (2012)
tele-feature (90 mins): romance; Germany / NZ
Director: Christoph Schrewe
Set in NZ and based on the Emilie Richards novel "Good Time Man"
After the death of her mother, the orchestra pianist Jessica learns that she was adopted and travels to her birthplace. She quickly becomes friends with the couple who rent her accommodation. And then there's Alex, a charming surgeon who takes her heart by storm. But when Jessica discovers the secret of her origins, this almost means the end of the still fragile love....
The film stars Gesine Cukrowski, Oliver Bootz, Saskia Vester, Olga von Luckwald and Rawiri Paratene, and was produced for ZDF by Henrik Meyer.
Soundtrack composed by Tom Mcleod

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