A thriller in four parts set in an isolated coastal community.

Jim Jessop. - Martyn Sanderson
Karen Jones - Cathy Downes
San Patare Don Selwyn
Hongi Richardson - Koro Dewes
Jane Patare - Judy Cleine
Henry Richardson - Ian Watkin
Shamrock - Bruno Lawrence
Mabel - Dorothy Mc Kegg
Ruth Ruth Osboldstone
Elder - Hemi Potatau
Sparkman - Walter Borberg
Phillips - Eddie Wright
Written by Keith Aberdein
Produced by Michael Scott-Smith

1) The Story of ilemi Te Koaka (24/5/1976)
Renegade archaeologist, Jim Jessop, has outraged local feeling by digging in an area which is rumoured to include the unmarked gave of an ancient Maori healer.

Epidemic - Hemi Te Koaka (Episode One)

2) Mate Tipua (31/5/1976)
Mate Tipua — the unknown disease — strikes. Is it linked with the activities of Jim Jessop who has unearthed the grave of an ancient Maori healer?

3) Parekura (1/6/1976)
Disaster threatens the community as the mysterious disease spreads Jessop is convinced of a major archaeological discovery but Hongi Richardson believes that his activities must be stopped if the disease is to be checked.

4) Ohaki (8/6/1976)
The mysterious disease is out of control. Emergency medical measures are set up, but Sam Potare is increasingly convinced that modern medicine may not be able to provide the most effective solution Is there another answer?

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