Four adaptations of  the murder mysteries of Dame Ngaio Marsh.

Vintage Murder (8/7/1978)
After the success of the Carolyn Dacres Company's opening night in Middleton, the actors assemble backstage to celebrate Carolyn's Birthday. Making her usual dramatic entrance, she prepares to cut the cord that her husband Alfred said would bring her a surprise.

Chief Dec Inspector Roderick Alleryn - George Baker
Hailey Hornbledon - Terry Cooper
Carolyn Dacres - Glynis McNicol
George Mason - Bill Johnson
Alfred Meyer - S. Curly Delmonte
Dr Rangi Te Pokiha - Don Selyen
Inspector Wade - Bruce Allpress
Susan Max - Hazel Cole
Branden Vernon - Howard Hayden
St John Ackroyd - Warwick Slyfield
Courtney Broashead - Selwyn Crockett
Francis Liversidge - John Bach
Calarie Gaynes - Kathtyn Rawlings
Ted Gascoigne - Chic Littlewood
Gorden Palmer - Derek Ward
Sergeant Cass - Les Hunt
Fred - Johnny Bono
Bert - Guy Bliss
Bpb Singleton -  Joe Dewey
Bob Parsens - Derek Payne
Dramatised by Julian Dickon
Producer - John McRae
Director - Brian McDuffie

Died in the Wool (15/7/1978)
When Flossie Rubrick, the wife of the owner of Mount Moon Sheep Station turns up a wool auction packed into one of her own bales of wool, and very dead, Inspector Roderick Alleryn is called in to help. But he does not bargain for the hornets nest he finds waiting
Chief Dec Inspector Roderick Alleryn - George Baker
Fabian Lasae - Vic Hunter
Ursula Norme - Ilona Rodgers
Douglas Grace - Bevan Wilson
Terrence Lynne - Margaret Maxwell
Merkins - Robin Bowering
Flossie Ruberick - Pamela Seebold
Tommy Johns - Ian Harrop
Cliff Johns - Bill Ewens
Arthur Ruberick - Don Kessell
S. Joseph - Ross McPherson
Alf - Bill Juliff
Albie Black - Lewis Rowe
Mrs Johns - Mary de Koster
Percy Gould - Merv Smith
Dramatised by Christine McCourt
Producer - John McRae
Director - Brian McDuffie

Colour Scheme (22/7/1978)
When the drunken Herbert Smith accuses Questing, the man with a strange hold over Colonel Claire of trying two kill him, everyone who has suspected Questing of helping the Germans sink British ships, begins to see him in an even more dangerous light.
Chief Dec Inspector Roderick Alleryn - George Baker
Geoffrey Gount - Alexander Hay
Dikon Bell - Charlie Strachan
Maurice Questing - Edwin Wright
James Ackrington - Alan Carlisle
Colonel Claire - Ginette McDonald
Herbert Smith - Eddie Hegan
Rua Te Kahu - Sonny Waru
Detective Sargeant Webiey - Alistair Douglas
Simon Claire - Simon Phillips
Kahu Morrison and the Ohinemutu Cultural Group
Dramatised by Olwynne MacRae
Producer - John McRae
Director - Peter Sharp

Opening Night (29/7/1978)
Martyn Tarne's amazing resemblance to leading man Adam Pool causes rumours to run rife at London's Valcan Lane Theatre, while Adam's relationship with Helena Hamilton serves to compound the intrigue.
Chief Dec Inspector Roderick Alleryn - George Baker
Adam Poole - Noel Trevarthen
Martyn Terne - Celia West
Helena Hamilton - Sheila Hammond
Vlark Bennington - Alex Trousdell
Dr Fohn Homes Rutherford - Ian Watkins
Jacques Dere - Liam Sweeny
Perry Prcivel - Peter White
J.G. Darcey - John Cronin
Gay Golesford - Jane Dyver
Cleem Smith - Ray Henwood
Detective Inspector Fox - John Frawley
Fred Badger - Harry Lawrence
Detective Sargeant Gibson - Barry Sowerby
Detective Sargeant Bailey Phillips
Photographer - Barry Woods
Buskers - Claude Taylor and Les Cleveland
Dramatised by Dean Parker
Producer - John McRae
Director - Brian McDuffie


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