dvd coverKawa (Calvin Tuteao, Shortland Street) is the man who has everything. He's a corporate high-flyer, with a beautiful wife Annabelle (Nathalie Boltt, Bloodlines, District 9) and two children - 16-year-old Sebastian (Pana Hema-Taylor, Boy) and 7-year-old Miranda (newcomer, Miriama Jane Devantier). Kawa has been brought up by his parents, Hamiora (George Henare, Once Were Warriors) and Grace (Vicky Haughton, Whale Rider) and his whanau with a strong sense of duty, marked out as a child with special gifts who was expected to eventually take up great responsibility. He received a first-class education in both Maori and Pakeha worlds, and moves easily between the two.

Up until now Kawa has been able to lead a successful double-life, but now Hamiora is retiring and wants to give him the mantle of leadership. At the same time, his lover Chris (Dean O'Gorman, McLeod's Daughters) is pushing for more recognition in Kawa's life, how can Kawa deal with the collision of his two worlds

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dvd cover

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