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Production of Sixty Seconds Please, David Pumphrey's discussion panel series began. at the end of March, and there will be another production session in May. Pumphrey has been using the OB unit for this series at Christchurch's Girl Guide Hall. Programmes will be of 30 minutes' duration, panels will be switched to give panellists a rest and viewers a change. Pumphrey feels that the series should make good winter viewing. Coincidentally, one of the advisory committees had suggested a programme of this nature, but after CHTV3 had swung into action. . . . .

From the New Zealand TV Weekly. March 27, 1967

Front man for CHTV3's Sixty Seconds Please will be Dr James Walsh, a local medical practitioner who is, in fact, a man of many parts. Before embarking upon a medical career he graduated M.A. with first class honours from Canterbury University and subsequently taught at Christ's College. He also played a prominent part in university life, being interested in drama and in his student days did some radio work and was subsequently a film critic for one of the Christchurch newspapers. Sixteen people have been selected from auditions to take part in this panel programme, the idea behind which is primarily entertainment. According to producer David Pumphrey panelists include university professors, doctors, housewives, schoolteachers and lawyers. Production of the series of 13 programmes starts soon, but in. the first instance this one will be for local consumption only, although some panel members will be "imported" from the North Island 

From the New Zealand TV Weekly. April 10, 1967

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