A long long time ago, in a cafe quite close by, Ben asked Maryann out for coffee. You see, Ben liked Maryann and it seemed simple enough; "coffee" means "date", right? Unfortunately he also invited his best friend Phil, and that was the end of that. Maryann and Phil fell in love with each other and were "Couple of the Year" for two years running. Until Phil got tired of his job, his life, and his girlfriend and headed for browner pastures in Australia. When Maryann finally ran out of swear words, she found she still enjoyed Ben's company, and even stranger, that of his flatmate Richard. People have forgotten why these two live together (if they ever knew), especially as Richard tells every Jehovah's Witness who knocks to come back when Ben's at home. But now Phil's back, for good. And he's barging his way back into this odd-shaped circle of friends. So Ben's looking for a soul mate, while Phil's just looking to mate. Maryann thinks her life's perfect until her new flatmate Clare drags her kicking and screaming into the real world. And Richard plots world domination, but can't even cook a snail. Lovebites is an unromantic comedy series following a group with nothing in common except for each other. Watch them deal with exes, whys and the fact that men and women aren't just spelt differently.

Theme song: "HOLY" by Fur Patrol

CREW Production Design by Brent Davenport Art Direction by Sven Wiig Costume Design by Amanda Neale Production Management Glenis Giles .... production manager Art Department Ben Milsom .... art department assistant Sound Department Matt Stutter .... sound editor Other crew Chris Coad .... still photographer

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