Kevin Smith plus ?Kevin Smith plays himself covering the story of a New Zealand town after the discovery that a local shellfish, the geoduck (pronounced "gooey duck") has the properties of Viagra.  As the locals begin to realize that there is serious money to be made, everybody tries to get a piece of the action. Meanwhile, having tried the geoduck, Kevin finds himself strangely attracted to New Zealand Prime Minister Jenny Shipley, and things go strangely wrong as he follows the story to its unfortunate conclusion.

Kevin Smith    Kevin Smith
George Henare    Des Tahuhu
Geoff Snell    Bob        

Patrick Wilson    Peter
Vicky Haughton    Noelene        

Stephen Papps    Aaron
Peter Rowley    Mayor        

David Geary    Police Sergeant
Kat Brown    Suze        

Kate Ward-Smythe    Cop 1
Peter Feeney    Rob Umber        

Toi Iti    Cop 2
Ross Duncan    MAF Official        

Jennifer Ward-Lealand    Doctor
Rawiri Paratene    Matt Kutu        

Pinky Agnew    Jenny Shipley
Jacqueline van Beek    Fiona Mathieson        

Vanessa Rare    Matt Kutu's P.A.
Robert Pollock    Roger Davies        

Jason Brott    Big Maori Worker
Fiona Samuel    Dr. Blenkin        

Michael Hurst    Stephen Jessop
Greg Johnson    Donald Strack        

John Campbell    John Campbell

Written by Stephen Sinclair; directed by Michael Hurst
Produced by Frame Up Films

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