Agent AnnaAGENT ANNA follows once pampered ex housewife Anna Kingston (Robyn Malcolm)  – who’s biggest challenges were keeping the lunchboxes filled and her legs waxed. She was taken care of – maybe she wasn’t entirely fulfilled, but she was comfortable.

Now that life is history – she’s left a large villa in Mount Eden for a basement flat in Mount Roskill, and she’s finding out what life is like on Struggle Street. Living with her parents, raising two teenage daughters and trying to make a living as a real estate agent.

At 47, Anna is forced to reinvent herself and soon finds that her skills as a well-meaning muffin baker from the Grammar zone don’t take her far in the cut-throat world of real estate. Naïve, unassertive and way too trusting, Anna has to smarten up or she’ll get eaten alive.

No one said reinventing yourself is easy, but once you start, there’s no going back…

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