Robyn Malcolm

She has had an extensive acting career spanning three decades across more than 50 theatre plays and multiple television and film roles.

Ms Malcolm won her first award for Theatre's Best Newcomer in Wellington in 1989 and has since won 26 further awards nationally and in Australia. She is well known nationally as Cheryl West in six seasons of ‘Outrageous Fortune’ alongside her other Kiwi TV work.

She has made significant contributions to Australian television through appearances in series such as "Rake," "Upper Middle Bogan," "Wanted," and "Harrow," and has graced notable films like Peter Jackson's "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers," "The Lovely Bones," 

She was a founding member of The New Zealand Actors Company, with whom she toured a number of plays nationally.

Ms Malcolm is an accomplished public speaker and has contributed her skills as a performer to advocate for various political, environmental and social issues in New Zealand over the years.

Her Kiwi TV roles include: