The day-to-day story of the Radiant Living Cleaning Company which spreads equal amounts of polish and havoc. (South Pacific Television)

Regular cast:

Natalie - Myta de Groot
Dana - Jenny Ludlam
Fred - Terry Cooper
Mrs Stubbins - Elizabeth Moody
Cedric - Patrick Hoff

Jenny Ludlam as Dana

He Shall Inherit the Earth (6/2/1978)
Cedric Fuller foolishly emigrates from Alaska to take up his inheritance, a run-down cleaning company.
Lawyer - Dorothy Smith
Muriel - Yvonne Lawley
April - Pam Merwoood
Mr Pearson - Peter Morgan
'Spotlight' Man - Paul Sonne
Businessman - Norman Fletcher

Dirty Tricks (13/2/1978)
Fuller's Fearless Four are unwittingly enmeshed in a flood of international master-spying that makes Watergate look like a leaking faucet.
Rottermanion Ambassador - Eddie Hegan
Clint Bonner - David Weetherley
Ivan - Charlie Strachan
NZ "Secret" Agents - Stewart Ross and Scott Taylor

Parlour Games (20/2/1978)
When the gang clean a funeral parlour, they discover that cleanliness is next to Godliness.
Mr Drear -   Liam Sweeney

Upshares, Downshares (27/2/1978)
The heroes are contracted to act as servants at a high-society dinner. Despite their flatulent cooking, they prove that It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good; when they uncover a stock exchange scandal.
Mrs Pennerton-Reith -  Annie Whittle
Mr Dunning - Derek Payne
Mrs Sunning - Sue Dalison-Ryan

Cleaned Art (6/3/1978)
Our plucky posse fall foul of Collen McCant and Seamus Teeth. acrylic artistes, when the claim they can paint better than them. (final)
Arts Director - John Cronin
Genio - Grant Bridger
Mr Browne - April Kelland
Colleen McCant - Jane Dyver
Seamus Teeth - Desmond Woods

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