City Life is a relationship drama featuring the lives, loves and losses of a hot group of 'twenty-something' friends living in an apartment building.

The drama is centred at the very heart of the busy, ocean-front, cosmopolitan city of Auckland, around the cafés, bars and nightclubs!

Inner-city life had become almost comfortable for this group of ten friends. They have known each other for years, but now that friendship is given a concrete form when one of their number, the one who has fought hardest to keep them together and on speaking terms, dies. In his will he leaves the building that has been their centre of activity to the survivors. It is his way of making sure the friendship lives on.

Now, on top of everything else, they have an obligation to each other. Like it or not!

It seems there are so many issues that can get in the way and stuff it up - arguments, desires, misunderstandings, politics, ambition and even death

Currently screening on Digital Channel TVNZ 6: Showcase,65.spp

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