Top N.Z. popsters on tour with "C'mon '68"

September 2, 1968

Although the transition from a Television studio to the stage would appear to be a difficult task, C’mon, which is currently making a nation-wide tour for the second year in succession, is one show which loses nothing of its formula of fast-paced, non- stop entertainment in the changeover.

Of all the Television shows produced locally for national screening, the C’mon series has, without a doubt, caused the most viewer comment, While attracting the widest following, and perhaps the major secret for this success is the amazing variety which producer Kevan Moore, and musical director Jimmie Slogget, introduce to each programme.

The fine balance of entertainers appearing in the show also plays an important part in maintaining the dynamic style of the show, and to this end many of the country’s most outstanding show-business personalities have been chosen to tour with C’mon 68. These, then, are some of them:

PETER SINCLAIR, compere for both C’mon series, is 28 years old, 6ft 1in tall, and undoubtedly a young man of many talents. In addition to his television commitments, he is his own company, Peter Sinclair Ltd., a free-lance compere, a lively radio disc-jockey and a part-time journalist. Born in Australia, Peter has spent most of his life in New Zealand with occasional trips back across the Tasman, including a 2 1/2-year stay in Sydney where he worked as a radio announcer.

RAY COLUMBUS was virtually unknown when he and his group arrived in Auckland from Christchurch just seven years ago. Since then, he has reached the top in New Zealand’s entertainment world, and is now well on his way to even greater success in the United States, where he has been involved in the formation of two companies-Colestar Records and Cottop Music. Still loyal to his New Zealand fans, however, Ray returned to New Zealand temporarily at the request of the C’mon staff to fill a resident’s Spot for this year’s series.

THE CHICKS, undoubtedly the top female vocal duo in the country, are now singing their way through their twelfth nation- wide tour. Guest stars on last year’s C’mon show, Sue (aged 17) and Judy (aged 18) are now holding down the resident female spot on C’mon ‘68. In the past 2 1/2 years, The Chicks have recorded two LP’s, three EP’s, and seven singles.

shane.jpgSHANE was born in Surrey, England, and made his way to New Zealand via Australia where he spent two years with the Australian Pleezers. In New Zealand he formed his own group and was enjoying increasmg success at the 1480 Village when, by sheer chance, he was spotted by promoter, Philip Warren, who was on the lookout for an artist to fill a resident spot in C’mon ‘68.

TOMMY FERGUSON was born in Glasgow, Scotland, 26 years ago and for some time Tommy had to work hard to find the success which only now seems to be coming his way. A number of promising ventures had to be abandoned before Tommy found success as a resident artist at Auckland’s Mojo Nite-spot, and later in the C’mon series.

THE TROUBLED MIND, four ambitious young musicians from the Bay of Plenty, who fill the resident group spot on C’mon ‘68. Len Whittle (organ, bass and vocal) is, at 21, the oldest member of the group. He made his first appearance with a group called The Deep Set, in Napier. Bob Jackson (guitar, vocal), is 18 and jomed The Troubled Mind after they had begun working as a group in Auckland. Dick Roberts (percussion, vocal) has always taken a keen interest in music, particularly Jazz, Soul and Blues. Now 19, Dick made his first professional appearance at the Platterack in Auckland. Johnny Banks (drums, vocal) is also 19 and possessor of a keen sense of humour. His main ambition in life is to find out where it’s at and get there!

MARY LOUISE is a newcomer to the Pop scene, but is already enjoying considerable success. In addition to a fine voice and unique style, Mary, at 16, already has the tremendous confidence so necessary to success in show-business.

THE C'MON GIRLS add the finishing touches of excitement and glamour to the C’mon scene. All have a solid background in ballet and seem to have little objection to the tight schedule and strict practice required for the show. Christeen Bradcock is the only girl who toured with the show last year. A brown-eyed brunette, Christeen is 19 years old and stands 5ft 3in. Vicki Nelson is 18, and has black hair and brown eyes. She admits to being a fan for anything mysterious. Barbara Dean is, at 16, the youngest of the girls. She is 5ft 3in tall, a green-eyed brunette and a keen fashion follower. Glenys Stolper, aged 21, hails from New Plymouth. Glenys is 5ft 4in tall and has brown hair and blue eyes. above: The four C’mon girls who accompany this year's show take time out to be photographed with Dolly Ashhridge (centre), wife of choreographer, Bryan Ashbridge. The girls are, from left: Glenys Stolper, Vicki Nelson, Christeen Bradcock and Barbara Dean.


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