A showcase for local talent on Christchurch's CHTV3, this variety show was broadcast live in late October and November. 1961; compared by Graeme Edwin.

Performers I can find mention of include Diane Jacobs and Ray Columbus.

According to an article in the Press (7th October 1961) Our aim is to present to the people of Christchurch some of the best entertainers we have in Christchurch. said the producer-director, Mr P. Wilbraham. It will be purely entertainment. This will not be a talent quest and there will be no prizes. People on the show will receive appearance fees only. Graeme Edwin will compere the show and a musical trio will back the musical items. There will be a studio audience, too,

The aim was that everyone selected to appear on the programme would be auditioned beforehand, with each of the 9 planned episodes to last about 15 minutes.

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