Musical variety show which featured Dinah Lee, Tommy Adderley, The Chicks, Nick Villard, The Convairs, Maxine Adams, Gray Bartlett, Herma Keil, and the Mike Perjanik Band. Ray Columbus and Clyde Scott were the two compéres. The show was filmed in two consecutive days around a swimming pool in front a mansion in Remuera, and was televised in four parts. Info stolen from Audio Culture: the Chicks.

Graham Kerr did a guest review column for the TV Weekly, 6 June, 1966, which included this show:

Great stuff this! Above all it is wonderful to see the air of sophistication bought on to a locally made show. I can imagine that some heads were scratched in the early planning stages as to whether the smooth large swimming pool wasn’t a little social-status-sweking for New Zealand audiences. If this did take place, then my heartiest congratulations to the winner. Again only one small point here. I do feel that a solo romantic tune should not be sung directly into the teeth of either a male or female recipient-especially when sung with Go-Go sty1e. It really does take a little bit of believing!

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