Series of documentaries including Local and international contributions.

A look through the eyes of Ken Douglas, Secretary of the Wellington Drivers' Union and how he works with the Union and handles strikes and arbitration.

Braille Week film. Personal comments by blind people on their own experiences and attitudes...

Danna Glendining, rural activist, committee woman and farmer's wife, telling about rural depopulation and its effects on the more remote areas.

A profile of Doctor David Marks, Psychologist, Otago University, and follows his work in using "Extra Sensory Power" in everyday use e.g. how to give up smoking and transferring thought from one person to another in a different location.

A Christchurch family man, Rick Keeling, looks at his life, his capitalist philosophies, his family and views on how to make money.

Bruce Duncan served on the "Mamir" the last square-rigged sailing ship to fly the New Zealand ensign.






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