book coverHanafi Hayes investigated New Zealand society and its heritage.

Hayes Over New Zealand

First published in 1981.

Re-live the fascinating adventures of a footloose film producer and meet the real New Zealanders who made Hanafi Hayes’ widely acclaimed television documentary work so popular and distinctive.

Travelling throughout the country, from Northland to Bluff, Hayes met bush-dwelling loners, a scrub-cutter poet, a wing-walking grandmother and a septuagenarian skier; just a few of the cast of characters who will amuse, entertain and maybe even inspire the reader.

The stories featured in this book were first introduced to New Zealand television audiences by Hayes and his intrepid film crews, usually led by cameraman Hamdani Milas, now an independent producer/director based in Hong Kong. Some of the stories featured in the 6-part One Mans View documentaries, which won the Feltex Television Award for best TV series in 1976.

These autobiographical recollections vividly evoke a forgotten era when life was slower-paced and true characters were to be found everywhere, even in the remotest places. The book also reveals much of what goes on behind the camera in the challenging business of film production.

A revised edition was published in 2013 where he re-visited the places and met up again with the characters that endeared him to a one time unique country

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