CastJune 2016, Far North, New Zealand. The job seemed simple: leave Auckland, pick up 500kg of meth from Ninety-Mile Beach and drive it back south, keeping a low profile. How hard could that be? This is the true story of one of New Zealand's biggest ever drugs bust, and how those responsible almost got away with half a tonne of crystal meth. Oh, and half a billion dollars. But thanks to the sleuthing skills of Ahipara's good-hearted locals - and a series of unbelievable faux-pas by the drug-smugglers - police managed to catch the crims. They say fact is stranger than fiction, and in this case it is. Stranger, and funnier. It's a story like no other. This is Far North.  

Ep 1 (Monday 14th August)
Kiwi couple Ed and Heather have no idea their lives are about to change when strangers arrive in the Far North. A Tongan-Australian gang land in Aotearoa for a once in a lifetime drug deal. 

Ep 2 (Monday 14th August)
The stranded crew ration their remaining food and water carefully, while waiting to be rescued. Drug boss Cai arrives in New Zealand and the gang reach out to Ed for help.

Ep 3 (Monday 14th August)
The gang's attempt to launch a rescue mission ends in disaster, the stranded crew face more dangerous days ahead without any drinking water and Ed and Heather make a shocking discovery.

Ep 4 (Monday 21st August)
Ed and Heather collect evidence of the gang's suspicious activity, tensions rise between the gang and the Chinese and Captain Jin makes a grim deal with Cai.

Ep 5 (Monday 28th August)
The rescue boat finally launches successfully with much needed fresh water for the dying crew, the gang bring in the laundry and Ed and Heather do what they can to derail the drug deal.

Ep 6 (Monday 4th September)
Ed and Heather confront the cops, the gang check-in to a campground to lie low and Captain Jin and her crew face a devastating loss.

Robyn Malcolm as Heather
Temuera Morrison as Ed
Villa Junior Lemanu as Louie
Maaka Pohatu as Stevie
John-Paul Foliaki as Mack
Albert Mateni as Gravel
Fay Tofilau as Blaze
Mosa Alipate Latailakepa as Thugga
Fei Li as Cai
Dennis Zhang as Sam
Xana Tang as Bi
Demetrius Schuster-Koloamatangi as Tall Guy
Xiao Hu as Jin

Producer(s): Kelly Martin; Sally Campbell
Director(s): David White
Executive Producer(s): Kelly Martin; David White
Writer(s): David White, Mingjian Cui, Suli Moa

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