From the New Zealand TV Weekly. December 12, 1966


Problems for Revue '66 in persuading top name acts to come back for appearances. Plenty of work is offering across the Tasman at this time and even jet travel times still can cut into potential earnings of the pop stars... Tremendous turnout of TV and broadcast personalities sighted at the 15 Club annual wing-ding. Club is based on membership of folk who have had more than 15 years connection with broadcasting. There was no shortage of entertainment from within the ranks of members, with president Wally Ransom (not jumping on a piece of pre- formed plastic) boosting along such musicians as Nancy Harrie and Ozzie Cheesman, not to mention the Christmas Choir led by Mozart (not the dead one—Fred Mozart of. Crummer Road, Grey Lynn) ..... Tina Grenville departed from her Girl Friday chores in Revue 66 at her own request. It was cutting into the time for her bread-and-butter model- ling assignments ..... Familiar face of Mike Matthews back on camera after an overseas swing picking up ideas and experience in U.K. and States. Mike staunchly considers N.Z. radio and TV has the best presentation in the world. We-e-e-l-l-l .... Continuity announcer Pamela Johnston wedding-belled with Donald Handley, but hopes that she may get a chance for some interviewing after the flurry. of matrimony settles down. Congrats . . Kenneth Tillson and wife Leonie Leahy signed for ballet segments for Revue 66. Television won’t be anything new for them.


NZBC chief producer Alan Martin says plans are being formulated for a number of new local programmes to be screened in the New Year. The plans should be ready for unveiling this month. It seems clear that live- wire producer Kevan Moore will get the go-ahead for full series following the success of his pilots on Cameras on Campus and C'mon! Much speculation here about possible successors to Monte Holcroft, long- time editor of The Listener. His deputy Noel Hilliard will have a strong hand if he applies, Another contender if he goes ahead with an application could be Auckland author Maurice (Down by the Cool Sea) Shadbolt ..... Can Wellington tastes differ so much from those in Auckland or Christchurch? Or is the research a bit haywire? The Dean Martin Show, fourth in the ratings in Auckland, and sixth in Christchurch, (both improvements on their previous positions) cannot even get into the top ten in Wellington. This seems unbelievable, if one takes into account the reactions of people one talks to after the show. Can you run a check on that, Mr Cornell? ..... Another series of the popular comedy Dick Van Dyke should start running early in the New Year..... What about buying Batman for the kiddies’ hour, NZBC? The viewing panel is a bit sceptical about the show, which Pow’d America for adults but if it went into an early evening slot, kids of all ages could happily watch.


Seems local critics and viewers were not all that impressed by The New Zealand Woman: Who is She? Producer Linda McDougall blamed for letting men have too much to say in a programme about women, while Austin Mitchell came under fire for his bland assumption that there really is an average New Zealand woman and his self-confident caricature of her. Most correspondents who vented their ire were, not surprisingly, women! The men will get their chance when they come under. scrutiny per favour of Linda. Well, at least this was one locally-produced programme that set folk talking and writing. .... The Fugitive came to an end with Richard Kimble still running and the identity of the one-armed man still cloaked in mystery, but it’s a sure thing Kimble at least will be back next year. The Defenders a bit soporific on Saturday nights after Hitchcock and The Untouchables.... Generally agreed among keener local viewers that Associated Filmmakers of New Zealand should be accorded more viewing time if the documentary S.A.R. for Short is a fair example of their work. Just goes to show what the local boys can do given the chance. This report on the operations of the Search and Rescue Organisation was first-class and should have international interest so, maybe, we have an overseas exchange-earner in this little-known company..... Nice to welcome George and Kate Starling, the agreeable young couple of Marriage Lines, back to Christchurch on December 2. Local lovers of vintage film comedy have also now had what promises to be the first of a number of treats with Charlie Chaplin in The Champion, the first of the re-runs starring the man who still remains the comic genius... Channel 3’s newsroom seldom misses an opportunity and Graham Coddineton and Frank Oakshott made the most of theirs when they covered the first pure jet flight ever to land at Williams Field in Antarctica...


Town and Around DNTV2 seems to be developing into a kind of King’s High School alumni club. Reporters Graeme. Wilson and David Beatson are both old boys, so are Bill Gunnyon, cameraman, and Harold Anderson, studio director. Occasional interviewer Peter Stewart is an exmaster, and co-host Reg Graham is both an old boy and a current master. ... Alison Holst, who has already done a new TV series on fruit preserving (a-waiting the appropriate season for telecast) is also discussing a further series for next year with DNTV2. Busy girl that one.... DNTV2 is fast establishing a reputation for making the longest hops for OB broadcasts—from Dunedin to Bluff is quite a way, but those concerned admit that the only way they can do this is with the willing co-operation of CHTV3 which lends staff and equipment... Welsh producer import Bill Aaron and Town and Around man Graeme Wilson are planning a joint departure from NZBC. Their enviable future entails shooting film around the Pacific as a private venture. Welsh TV is already interested, and Bill and Graeme hope to sell their wares to other TV set-ups too.

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