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Posted: Tuesday, December 9, 2003
By: John Weeks - Silver Bullet Roving Reporter

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Welcome to Indonesian Comics Week at Silver Bullet Comics

We have a heap of interviews from you, many conducted at the Pekan Komik Dan Animasi Nasional 4: 4th National Comics and Animation Festival. You can read a day to day account at

There we found a growing and vibrant scene, where controls on free speech have been relaxed due to governmental change. It's an interesting time to be a creator in Indonesia , but many of the problems they face will be familiar to Western readers.(For background, try Dr. Laine Berman's articles: )

For the latest on Indonesian komiks, we have Quick Queriesô with
Agung 'Komikaze'
Beng Rahadian
Eko Nugroho
- Daging Tumbuh ('Diseased Tumor')
Kasa Komik
Masyarakat Komik Indonesia
- Indonesian Comics Society
Suryo Nugroho
- Komik Cinta ('Love Comic')
Sektekomik Collective
Taring Padi Collective

We also have a parcel of comics, T-shirts and music which Darren will be reviewing over the course of the week. We hope you find the contents fairly accessible - even with the language difference, there are many borrowed words from Dutch and English - and many situations and themes are universal

Thanks to Athonk and Laine for help and hosting, Agung and Beng for facilitating many interviews, Firman and Donna for advice and tips. Thanks to Darren Schroder for sorting all the grist through his mill, and our interviewees for their patience. Cheers also to Mandy Ord , Amber Carvan and Silent Army for comics shipments. (And special thanks to Sovanna Phum without whom I wouldn't have gotten my visa!)

We have just scratched the surface; there were many more studios, artists and groups I wish we could have interviewed - a good reason for a return trip

Below are more links for your persual. Take a look and 'Support your local comics movement'!

- John Weeks, Silver Bullet Roving Reporter

Illustration by RowalMore Interviews
Apotik Komik
Agung/Dwi Koen/Suryo Nugroh

Indonesian Comics Society
Bali Comics

Indiecomic Endonesia
Titik Berat

Athonk Anthropology
PKAN 4 Photo Album
PKAN 4 Review
Pensil Terbang
QuickDraw Indonesia: add your own link on "Komikus" page

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