Catagory Winner Production / Producer / Director
Actuality Programme BNZ Festival Debate Ross Johnston, producer
Children's Programme Video Dispatch David Shellock, producer
Documentary Programme Accident and Emergency - Friday Night Alan Thurston, producer/director
Drama Programme In Defence of Minnie Dean (Hanlon) Lex van Os, producer
Entertainment Programme Billy T James Show Tony Holden, producer
Factual Series Close Up Mark Westmoreland, producer
Performance, Female, in a Dramatic Role Robyn Nevin In Defence of Minnie Dean (Hanlon)
Performance, Male, in a Dramatic Role David Gwilliam Hanlon
Performance in a Non-Dramatic Role Billy T James Billy T James Show
Original Music Terry Gray Hanlon
Best Commercial Bluebird Chips Famous Five Geoff Dixon, director
Best Director Wayne Tourell In Defence of Minnie Dean (Hanlon)
Drama Script Ken Catran In Defence of Minnie Dean (Hanlon)
Non-Drama Script Peter Hayden A Little Continental (Journey across Latitude 45 South)
Stan Hosgood Award for Excellence in Allied Craft Keith Catchpole for outside broadcasts  

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