From the New Zealand TV Weekly. February 27, 1967


There never seems to be any end to the reconstruction work around NZBC buildings. Wonder why the tremendous amount of money spent during the last three or four years could not have been diverted straight into at least a nucleus of the Tank Farm complex? Next thing is the calling for tenders to rehash the bottom decks of the Shortland Street mausoleum to provide more production space. Should get under way about the middle of the year. . . . . Town and Around hardly lived up to its advance publicity when it returned. A bit too pedestrian, and a peculiar enthusiasm for filling the screen with cruelly revealing close-ups. All the old team back including Barbara Magner, but Mike Bellinger could be heading for Australia. While in Sydney during the holidays he had discussions with former controversial Compass producer Gordon Bick with the idea of setting up a documentary production team. He was also angling for_a family quiz compere berth and made an appearance on the Don Lane Show. Lane, incidentally, had a short stopover in Auckland while returning from Honolulu. . . . . Kevan Moore hard at work on C'mon! shows after his brief honeymoon. . . . . Resident singers for the shows are Mr Lee Grant and Sandy Edmonds, recovered from her holiday breakdown. . . . . Possibility that C'mon! may sell to Australian TV. . . . . Meantime, pop show promoters have been quick to cash in on the title for outdoor spectaculars.


Just before he finished up with the NZBC, former chief television producer Allan Martin told of the reasons he accepted a job with the Australian Broadcasting Commission. I am to be executive producer and editor of a public affairs programme that will go out nationally, and later perhaps be part of an international hook-up. I wasn't looking for another job, but it was an opportunity I couldn't turn down. The money was a consideration but it was not the only one. The joy of television is to be doing it-as chief producer, I was tied to a desk, in a largely consultative capacity, and I found that a little frustrating. I have no complaints about the NZBC. They have treated me well. But what I really like is producing. And at my age, I guess, it's now or never. A producer cannot afford to stand still. If I want to be regarded as a producer of some international standing I feel I have to take this job, to stretch out and widen my horizons. he says he would like to return to New Zealand. Viewers will wish him well . . . .. . Roy Melford is in charge of the second television production course to be held at head office. It will run through to Easter. By then the potential of the fifteen taking the course should be well assessed. Among those on the course were Mike Minehan and Maurice Smyth, both well known for their work on WNTV1's Town and Around. Each of the trainees will have the oppor...

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