Kidult drama Set in the 1930s, a young girl traveling with a family vaudeville troupe dreams that one day she will be a star.

On stage1) The new season of the Wallace Carter Follies is jeopardised by one of Wallace's gambles. and it is left up to Kitty to salvage the rest of the tour in any way she can.
Kitty - Kerry McGregor
Wallace Carter - Terence Cooper
Ida - Bridget Armstrong
Zellini - Charlie Strachan
Moocho - Gerry Duggan
Reggie - Ben Clark
Charlie - Anthony Groser
Kellert - Michael Haigh
Doctor - Alan Carlisle
Written by Roger Simpson
Executive Producer John McRae
Producer - Roger LeMesurier
Director - Tom Parkinson

2) When the Troup arrive at a small town, they find the only available venue has been booked by a Temperance Association.
Mrs. Lonnigan - Yvonne Lawley
Miss Bannister - Hazel Cole
Rosie - Maggie Maxwell
Foreman - Peter Morgan
Janitor - Eddie Hegan
Drinkers - Norman Forsey, Andrew Glover

3) The Wakefield Relief Camp seems a Likely place for a show., but the troupe hasn't reckoned on the appearance of Ted Craway and his boxers.
Ted Crawley - George Henare
Haggis - Robert Brue
Boxers - Ben Hathaway and Earl Thompson

Gather Your Dreams - Episode Three

4) A talent quest seems a :bright idea until the widow
Brldie O'Hara enters - with the hope of staving off the handcuffs.
Widow - Helen Dorward
Solicitor - Steven Williams
Nigel - Kevin Taylor
Clifford - Martyn Sanderson
Bailiffs - Johnny Bond and Geoffrey Glendoon

5) Clifford's antics give Kitty a great idea. but in initial enlhusiasm gives, way to fear.
Clifford - Martyn Sanderson
Rupert - Alistair Douglas
Dolly - Diane Campbell

6) The troupe arrives in Prominence and their initial thoughts of dismay turn to delight when the Mayor promises a parade.
Mayor - Bill Johnson
Rutherford - Liam Sweeney
Policeman - Jon Gadsby
Mechanic - Ian Harrop
Bailiffs - Antony Blackett, Peter McCauley
Doctor - Bruce Allpress
Martha - Jacqui Dunn
Matron - Belinda Simmons

7}:The death of Wallace means the end of the road for the troupe and a new way of life for Kitty - an adjustment she finds almost too much to bear
Rutherford - Liam Sweeney
Policeman - Jon Gadsby
Aunt - Ilona Rodgers
Uncle - Norman Fletcher
Agnes - Joanna Morrison
Lucy - Shyrelle Andrews
Stewart - Ron Hielkema
Mayor - Bill Johnson

8) A letter from Moocho only serves to make Kitty more homesick and with the help of a reluctant Reggie, she conceives an escape.plan.
Postman - Rex Sayers

9) With the escape plan foiled, Kitty feels like a prisoner, but to her delight, her birthday brings a special surprise
Foreman - Brian Johnson.
Policeman - Les Hunt
Newspaper Vendor - Scott Taylor
Librarian - Susan Hargraves
Charitable Ladies -

10) alone and destitute in the city. Kitty searches for the other members of the troupe a, then a newspaper advertisement catches her eye.
Stage Doorman - Arthur Wright
Out-of-worker - Derek Hardwick
Shop Assistant - Glynis McNicoll
Auditionee - Tina Regtien
Mother - Sheila Summers
Doctor - Paul Robinson

11) Under the watchful eye of Brenda,a dancer, Kitty recovers slowly and receives a surprise.
Aunt - Ilona Rodgers
Pawnbroker Joe - Chic Littlewood
Mrs. Lenneman - Alma Woods
Orator - Timothy Bartlett
Shop Assistant - Glynis McNicoll
Postmaster - Max Radcliffe

12) Kitty is given an ultimatum.and with the producer's new show having been shelved the future looks more than bleak.
Brenda - Jennifer Ludlam
Moocho - Gerry Duggan
Aunt - Ilona Rodgers
Ida - Bridget Armstrong
Zellini - Charlie Strachan
Lester Lovegrove - Grant Bridger
Hagerty - Patrick Whyte
Secretary - Liddy Holloway
Comic - Douglas Aston

13) When the backer refuses to even look at their new show, Kitty uses unorthodox but successful methods to force him to view it.
Ida - Bridget Armstrong
Zellini - Charlie Strachan
Lester Lovegrove - Grant Bridger
Hagerty - Patrick Whyte
Secretary - Liddy Holloway
Butler - John Cronin
Housekeeper - Dorothy McKegg
Mrs. Palmer - Irene Wood
Guests - Bill Leathwick, Alan de Malmanche, Celia Russ

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