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The Adventures of Tony and Suey, Two children from the city staying in the country with their Uncle while their mother is in hospital. Together with Harvey, a young Maori boy, the form a secret society and become involved in a series of happenings centering around sheep killings, an old hermit named Rotten Fred and his dog Ratsguts when the dog is accused of killing sheep.

Broadcast 6/8/1978

Director - Ian Johnston 
Production Company - Television One
Producer / Director - Ross Jennings
Written by Ian Mune and Arthur Baysting


Suey - Julie Wilson
Tony - Ian Templeton
Harvey - Buddy Ruruku
Pickle - David Kennelly
Rotten Fred - Walt Brown
Aunt Maureen - Eve Durning
Uncle Eric - Brian Beresford
Wilkie - John Bach
School Teacher - Don Donner
Sergeant Daniels - Barry Dorking
George Kepanui - Keriopa Hune

A TV Tie-in novelization of the series was published, and there was a sequel:

Mad Dog Gang Spooks Wilkie, Wink Wink and the Wobbler, the (1980)


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