A film about child health and development, told as a parable.

Four and a half-year old ‘Little Big Man’ wants to fly to the moon. His parents send him to school where he studies to be an astronaut. While he gets his training, his parents learn how to cope with a 5 year who is going out in the world by himself.
Writer: John Banas
Executive Producer: Carlton Carruthers Du Chateau
Photography: Leo Shelton
Sound: Dick Reade
Editor: Sue Malcolmson
Design: Dean Cote
Production Manager: Sue May
Music: Dave Calder
Music: Steve Robinson
Music: Matthew Browne
Music: Steven Mccurdy
Narrator: Don Charles Selwyn
Little Big Man: Gareth Mune
Mum: Suzy O’brien
Dad: Charles Hambling
Doctor: Margaret Burnett
Director: Ian Mune
Writer: Ian Mune

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