Cast at the beachAn eight episode adventure story filmed for UK tv in New Zealand.

  1. The mysterious campers.
  2. Escaped convicts.
  3. Escape and capture.
  4. Caught at sea.
  5. Packed in the boot.
  6. Terror in the caves.
  7. Jet Boat.
  8. Rangi's catch.

The show was edited into a movie which was released in New Zealand Theatres.

Poster for the film version

Johnny Murray    Andrew Kerr
Rangi    Temuera Morrison
Jane Murray    Kate Forlong
Hemi    Vernon Hill
Jake    Ian Mune
Bill    Michael Woolf
Mr. Rukahia    Don Selwyn
Mrs. Rukahia    Hannah Morrison
Mr. Murray    Peter Vere-Jones
Mrs. Murray    Christine Elsdon
cast member    Jack Webb
cast member    John O'Halloran
cast member    Fergus Dick
cast member    Alex Trousdel
cast member    Michael Radford
cast member    Peter Harcourt
cast member    Bryan Smith
cast member    Harry Lavington
cast member    Marie Bullock
cast member    Lex Dendy
cast member    Smoke
Director    Michael Forlong
Production Company    Michael Forlong Productions
Sponsor    Children's Film Foundation
Producer    Michael Forlong
Production Manager    Hugh Harlow
Script    Michael Forlong
Cameraman    Jordan, William
New Zealand camera assistants    John Hoyle
New Zealand camera assistants    Bailey Watson
Editor    Reginald Beck
Music composed and conducted    David Palmer
Sound Recording    Howell, William
Dubbing editor    Sanderson, Phil
Dubbing mixer    Tony Anscombe
Dubbing mixer    Harry Fairbairn

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