Life in the small fishing community of Whangaroa in New Zealand's Northland coast seems relatively untouched by war in the 1940s. Then, with the unexpected news that the Japanese have bombed Pearl Harbour, invasion becomes a distinct possibility. Whangaroa could be the first port of call

The whole town becomes alarmed when our three teenage heroes, Bobby, Jack and Kate sight a mysterious black galleon sailing into the harbour with a lone bearded figure at the helm. Stories of enemy warships disguised as sailing ships fuel the mounting paranoia. Together the three young people befriend the 'Raider' and become involved in a plot to expose a local smuggling ring - a plan which leads them to be imprisoned in the galleon and at the mercy of the smugglers. A story full of suspense, intrigue and romance to delight the whole family.

  Raider of the South Seas - First Episode

8x½ hour family drama
Distributor: Alliance Atlantis? or Echo Bridge Entertainment

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