Anthology of short dramas' produced from actor's workshops conducted in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch.

  • Double Exposure written by Warren Dibble.
  • Momma's a Good Girl written by Ian Cross. A comedy of middle class kiwi manners starring Anne Flannery.
  • The Tired Man by Peter Bland.
  • Slipknot. Murder mystery written by Ngaio Marsh, produced by Brian Bell, staring Athol Coates
  • Game for Five Players by Rosaline Goldring was filmed for, but then withdrawn from the series at the last moment as the NZBC considered it avant-garde in style, and it was to be shown later at a more suitable time. 

The series was reviewed by Patricia Roddick, ‘Four Television Plays’, Landfall 84 (1967), 366-371.

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