Big Prizes In “Guestmate”


A long list of invited guests had been assembled by producer Christopher Bourn for his new quiz series “Guestimate,” which starts from all channels on Saturday. The programme is hosted by Michael Molloy, a well-known radio and television personality who hails from Rotorua. Michael was the master-mind behind Selwyn Toogood’s “Family Game” series on television a few years ago.

Personalities in this eight programme series include David and Irvine Yardley, John and Kate Harcourt, Robin Slade, Lesly Gordon, Judy Whitwell, Rosalind Moore, Jim McNaught, George Webby, Elizabeth Bourn, Neville and Jo Chamberlain, Chris and Pamela Thompson, Helen and John Maybury, Pamela Hewes, Ernie Leonard, Marise MacDonald, Fay and Grant Tilly.

The series (which is prerecorded) has more than $3OOO in prize money to be won by these personalities for viewers who have written to the producer. Without giving away any secrets, one couple has won the biggest single cash prize ever given away on N.Z.B.C. television in a quiz programme.

The quiz is in no way academic—all the contestants have to do is “guestimate” numbers. All the numbers must be guessed (hence the title) and each couple has its guesses electronically averaged. The couple whose answer comes closest to the correct one wins the prize.

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