In 1932, During the Great Depression, there was a march on the Auckland Town Hall with Jim Edwards, the king of the unemployed, leading the Unemployed Workers' Movement. A fracas broke out. Jim Edwards was cudgeled to the ground and someone screamed out 'They've killed Jim Edwards'. The crowd went mad. Jim Edwards was blamed for instigating the biggest riot in New Zealand's history. Jim Edwards' 14-year-old son, James, was there. 

Incorporates documentary footage of the real James Edwards, who recalled his vivid memories for the cameras shortly before he died at the age of 85.

Jack - Jacques Bell
Nell Edmonds - Alison Bruce
Daniel Cleary - Sgt Mackie(as Dan Cleary)
Matt Gillanders - Postmaster
Andrew Grainger - Jim Edmonds
Tom Hern - Squeaker Dudley
Dominic Jennings - Young James Edmonds
Murdoch Keane - Chris
Ruby Love - Betty
Director - Ian Mune
Writer - Dean Parker

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