The folks at the UKTV focused Mausoleum Club Forum were chatting about where copies of old UK TV shows might be hiding in archives around the world and how to find out what screened in particular countries. I gave them my suggestions for where tapes and information live in New Zealand as follows:

Archives: - New Zealand’s audiovisual archive. Their purpose is to collect, care for and share the audiovisual Taonga (treasure, anything prized) of Aotearoa. They have stewardship of the Television New Zealand video archives which might include a bit of UK material but probably not a lot. Check out the Status of the collection.

The Listener was the publication of record for NZ TV broadcasts for most of 20th century. From an archival television perspective their website has always sucked, and the situation is even worse in the aftermath of their temporary closure and sale in 2020/21.

Thanks to the hard work and generosity of a fellow archival TV researcher the Listener's TV listing pages from the 1974 to 1998 are available as pdfs.

As far as I know no one has any plan to digitize full back issues so aside from the 74 to 98 listings pages any research  needs to be via hard copies in a library; I've accessed copies in Auckland Library and the University of Canterbury collections. There are also some collections of the Listener in the UK including the University of Edinburgh:

Editions of The Christchurch Press up to 1989 have been added to the National Library’s Papers Past digital archive website which is a big help when researching screenings as The Press ran daily listings along with some reviews and promotional articles/interviews.

I "borrow" any scans of schedules I happen across on the inter-webs and put them here: TV listings through the years

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