Originally published in the New Zealand TV Weekly 24 October 1966


Rumoured that a well-known Auckland woman writer will soon appear regularly on TV. . . Interviewer Cherry Raymond will chair a women’s discussion panel at the North Shore Festival of the Arts in February.... Interesting contrast on Town and Around between Mrs Josie Finlay, of Palmerston North, organiser of a poisonous plant exhibition, and Barry Crump-the former bearing a marked resemblance to Joyce Grenfell at her worthiest, the latter blunt and unashamedly Kiwi ..... Personality seekers make up much of the clientèle at Covent Garden coffee bar, proprietor ex-Royal Ballet star, Philip Chat field. Regulars include Tom Finlay son, Keith Bracey and Bute Hewes, of Town and Around, and, naturally, producer Bryan Ashbridge, also ex-Royal Ballet ..... Rae Pritchard, of This Week in Britain, has signed a BBC contract that will keep her away from New Zealand permanently.... Many viewers criticise announcers’ attempts to pronounce Maori place names properly and would prefer the butchered common usage. They regard Merv Smith as prime offender.... Why must top models speak in TV ads? One of the most disappointing voices belongs to Tina Grenville, former Auckland Model of the Year.... Freelance TV cameraman Paddy Preston, who spent many years filming for the Kenya Government before coming to New Zealand, is also membership organiser for the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast branch of the Travel and Holidays Association.


Mystery seemed to surround the resignation of producer Peter Cape from the staff of WNTV1. Mr Cape who had acquired something of a national reputation with his folksong show There's a Meeting Here Tonight, had obviously become a useful member of the Wellington producer team. One NZBC source said that, he had resigned while on leave in Auckland and added that not many people here knew what Peter’s reasons for leaving were ..... The Corporation in the last week of September had one of its longest board meetings ever, discussing among other things Corporation policy towards applications for the operation of private radio and television station. It may be some time before a definitive policy is worked out. ..Town and Around is still highly regarded by viewers here (reports reaching Wellington suggested that Aucklanders were getting dissatisfied with their version). It’s certainly hard work churning out a popular news magazine every weeknight. Wellington’s studio interviews are perhaps the most uneven item. For example Peter Gwynne never got round to asking who Marlene Tong’s fiancée was, though her recent engagement seemed to be the point of the inter- view (or was it?).


Former BBC man and now CHTVB’s production supervisor, Michael Scott has been working on a filmed documentary, Coming into Line (1967), which will give viewers an insight into the thoroughbred industry. Emphasis is on breeding and training, rather than racing. The well-known Inglewood and Riccarton studs will be in the picture as well as the well-known trainer Jack Shaw ..... Out and About, the thirteen-part series on youth activities scheduled for all channels, is now under way. Channel 3’s O.B. unit was at Burnham military camp recently to shoot a programme on young men doing their military training. This will be a 50-50 mixture of the less organised sports and pastimes. Sporting side is being produced by Irishman Brian McDermott and pastimes by Linda McDougall. Programmes are being telecast “live” and videotaped in the studio. Three cameras and team of 20, involved. “Fronting” is by Peter Neil, Brian Edwards and Jenny Anderson, who made her TV debut as a regular member of Youth Wants to Know panel . . . No doubt well-fed and well~heeled, Graham Kerr opened his new series with a drawcard for Canterbury viewers- Kaikoura Souffle. This East Coast town is a mecca for Christchurch holiday-makers with a taste for crayfish or just a spot of fishing.


Roy Melford, DNTV2 producer, has moved North and his bow ties and it sandy hair will now grace the Wellington TV scene . . . . Raewyn Lamb DNTV2 continuity announcer, is the happy wearer of an engagement ring -and she’s not just engaged to a man, but to a man and three child- ren. Our good wishes Raewyn... There have been lots of rumours about possible changes in DNTV2’s Weather theme, and general presentation of weather teem-but to date the only variety is when something gets muddled and we get our temperatures north to south instead of the usual Invercsargill to Auckland Sometime back we commented on the prevalence on moustaches around broadcasting, mentioning that then the only one seen on TV belonged to George Speed. Now Peter Dallas has also appeared on camera with his tailored facial trim and Don McCutcheon with his Snudge-smudge has shown his face to Viewers too. This leaves David England and John Ramsay looking very naked when they do their TV stints. How about a Jimmy Edwards mo' for David and a Ronald Colman confection for' John? . . . . Methinks the machines need oiling at DNTV2-far too often the coordination between newsreader and news film is all but non-existent. A filmed report is announced, frequently hesitates, often coyly refuses to appear at all, leaving the reader probably wishing he DID have egg on his face to hide some of his confusion.

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