Nicky Wyman loved horses. She had a great but latent talent as a horseman, but Nicky came from a background where there was never enough money to spare for anything but essentials. To keep riding she mucked out stables,cleaned tack, and exercised other people's horses. Then fate and circumstances took a hand, and Nicky found herself, together with a strange recluse named Snowbuck, and a social misfit called Sam, battling to save the life of a little mare - Moon Jumper.

Always against time, and sometimes even outside the law, they worked to prepare Nicky and Moon Jumper to do the impossible- to win the most prestigious one day event.

Devised by Julian Dickon,
Writers: Ken Catran, Tim Harrigan, Wendy Jackson, and other.

Information at Jane Badger books

Produced by Huntly Eliott

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