title cardAustralian television film partly filmed in New Zealand which was part of the South Pacific Adventure series.

Anna Peterson loves horses, and the fact that her father works at a racetrack in Sydney, Australia only adds to her enthusiasm. One night at dinner, her father announces that after the success of one of the stable's horses in a prominent trophy race, his boss gave the employees a bonus large enough for the Peterson family to go back to her father's ancestral home in New Zealand. Tragically the following day, there is an accident at the stables and Anna's father is killed.

With nothing left to keep them in Australia, Anna's mother Rose  decides to follow through on her husband's dream and moves Anna and her younger brother Mike to Charlton, New Zealand. 

Anna dreams of owning a horse but her mother is afraid to let her as it was a horse that killed her father. A wild brumby terrorises the mean-minded landholder, Garrett, and despite all his attempts to kill the horse, it continually outsmarts him. The horse, declared untameable and possessed, meets young Anna and together they make Garrett realise he cannot be the ruler of everything.

Beth Buchanan as  Anna Peterson
Brian Rooney as  Wayne Garrett
Michele Fawdon as  Rose Peterson
Andrew Shephard as  Mike Peterson
José María Caffarel as  Gonzales
Bruno Lawrence as  John Peterson
Peter McAllum as  Garrett
Beaver as  Jean Bailey
Jodie Rimmer as  Ginny Garrett
Dean O'Gorman as  Tony Garrett
John Watson as  George
Margaret Blay as  Emily
Rawiri Paratene as  Brian
Daniel Robinson as  Warren
Kevin Barrett as  Charlie
Nathali Dennis as  Doreen
Rosemary Williams as  Immigration Officer
Christine Bartlett as  Doctor Webb

Created by Roger Mirams
Written by Ysabelle Dean and Rick Maier
Directed by Henri Safran

This was released on VHS in the USA and Europe but has had no DVD or streaming releases as far as I can tell. You will find that naughty folk have uploaded it to youtube.

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