UK TV show shot entirely on location in New Zealand.

A murderous Irish hit squad is hell bent on exacting their own kind of rough justice from 'Supergrass' Brian Deeds.

It has been ten years since Deeds, a former Ulster Volunteer Force 'Supergrass", was smuggled out of the provinces in war torn Belfast to begin a new life in New Zealand. Ten years in which he has been able to build a life around his new identity.

Now, one by one, Deeds' family and friends are being violently picked off by the assassins. He has to act fast if he is to avoid the retribution of the killers.

Made for TV film original transmitted on ITV 04/06/1989 (120mins)


Brian Deeds - Ian McElhinney
Claire Deeds - Frances Barber
Billy - Martin Maguire
Wallis - James Coyle
McReddie - Terence Cooper
Hanah - Judy Mcintosh
Dep. Insp. Cross - Marshall Napier
Goodman - William Johnson,
Mitchell Manuel
Temuera Morrison.

A Central Films Production with Finlayson Brewer this made for TV film is the story of a former Ulster Volunteer Force 'Supergrass" who is tracked down by the men he put in prison.


Direction: - Ian Mune
Production: Central Films, Tom Finlayson
Writing: Roy Mitchell

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