From New Zealand TV Weekly 10 June 1968

Two TV shows featuring New Zealand's internationally-known singing duo-Bill and Boyd- have recently been screened on three channels and are to appear shortly on DNlV2. Here's a quick "backstage" look at them.

Wellington city provided the settings, and WNTV1 the production skills for two programmes featuring the country's best-known singing personalities- Bill Cates and Boyd Robertson. As Bill and Boyd they have swept into prominence in the United States under the "sponsorship" of Herb Alpert, of Tijuana Brass fame. and they hope to return to America shortly to fulfil some promising engagements there.

WNTV1's production team brought many of the Capital City's harbour settings into play for their film venture. Key man of the piece was producer, Christopher Bourn, currently working on a new musical series, Studio One. These NZBC pictures reveal part of the "backstage" story.

Dispelling certain out-of-town opinions on Wellington weather, the two singers find time to soak up the sun (above) on the waterfront. The other pictures show the film team in action at varied locations. Wearing dark glasses is producer, Bourn, and the girl in the off/camera group is script assistant, Beverley Ashworth.

Rob Hoskings thinks the video of Bill and Boydd below is probably from Happen Inn.

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