Details about this aren't in the usual sources, but I recalled a dramatisation of the story of James MacKenzie being screened on NZ TV, and Geoff T found some information:

5 Episodes (55 min) SPTV NZBC and Scottish TV Play,

Set in Western Ross in 1846. Shepherd James Mackenzie finds himself in an untenable position, torn between his job and the adverse consequences the sheep farming in which he is involved has on local crofters. Harsh conditions and a harsh landlord lead to trouble and he flees Scotland, stowing away on board a ship with his dog and ending up in New Zealand.

James Cosmo - Jamie MacKenzie
Roddy McMillan - Christian
Ann Hasson - Jessie
Roger Oakley - Sidebottom
Chic Littlewood - Reston
Ken Blackburn - Tancred
Robin Bowering - Sergeant Seager
Also Michael Hurst
From the book by James McNeish
Director CRAFT, Joan
Production Company South Pacific Television
Production Company Scottish
TV Producer: McRAE, John
Production Supervisor (Scotland): HIGSON, Paddy
Script: BELL, Alistair
Author of the Original Work: McNEISH, James
Tie-in publications: based on book by James McNeish

These photographs of James Cosmo and Chic Littlewood are from this show.

James CosmoChic Littlewood

Photography (c) David Roberts, used with permission.

The keen folk at NZOnScreen now have an episode online for viewing with details of the production:

The Mackenzie Affair - Tancred (final episode)

Based on the book by James McNeish:

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