Lucy Poster2003 television film based on the life and career of actress and comedian Lucille Ball. Listed in various sources as a Canadian/USA co-production, this includes quite a lot of New Zealand talent in the cast so even if it wasn't shot here (i suspect it was but haven't found any evidence to prove it) it's worth a mention as a lot of local talent must have been left the country on the same flight to where ever it was filmed...


Rachel York as Lucille Ball
Madeline Zima as Teen Lucy
Danny Pino as Desi Arnaz
Ann Dowd as DeDe Hunt-Ball
La Chanze as Harriett
Rebecca Hobbs as Vivian Vance
Merv Smith as Fred Hunt
Russell Newman as William Frawley
Zoe Carides as Lolita De Acha
Chris Brougham as Fred Ball
Ray Woolf as Edward Sedgwick
Peter Mochrie as Don Sharpe
Andrew Mitchell as Bob Carroll Jr.
Lachlan MacDonald as Jess Oppenheimer
Theresa Healey as Madelyn Pugh
Mark Clare as Red Skelton
Vanessa Gray as Carole Lombard
Ian Mune as Buster Keaton
Bart John as Hubbell Robinson
Charles Pierard as Alexander Hall (uncredited)
Peter Rowley as Marc Daniels (uncredited)
Priscilla Bonnet as Bette Davis
Laurie Dee as Congressman Jackson
Charles Unwin as Clark Gable (uncredited)
Madeline Kofoed as Lucie Arnaz (uncredited)

Available to watch via amazon prime in some countries.

"for for Emmy consideration" dvds were made, but it seems like only bootleg copies exist for the public.

Lucy DVD 



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