There have been a few releases of music related to local TV shows that we know of:

Themes on 45

Not a lot of these:


Comedy shows

Kid's TV

Still looking for the soundtrack from All For One (1989).


Loxene Gold Disc Awards


Must have been more cassettes from Kiwi TV shows than these.

Television Gold (All Time Favourite TV Themes)

This compilation album is of particular interest as a rare example of NZ songs being showcased alongside the international themes.

Issued in New Zealand by Record Co's in conjunction with TV One, this contained 24 TV Show Theme tunes/songs. It was released on LP and Tape only. Mixed in with some memorable overseas tunes there are a couple of NZ Classics.

  • Nadia's Theme (The Young & The Restless) - Roger Williams
  • Sutherland's Law - Scottish National Orchestra
  • Theme From Rush - Brian May & The A.B.C. Showband
  • Sweet Charity (TV1's '79 Olympics theme) - Paul Mauriat & Orch
  • Calypso (The Undersea World Of Jacques Cousteau
  • Theme From M*A*S*H - The Mash
  • Close to Home - Jack Body
  • Family At War - Vaughan Williams 6th Symp
  • Coronation Street - Alan Tew
  • Chitter Chatter - (Theme from Joe and Koro)
  • Hawaii Five-O - Norrie Paramor & Orch
  • TV1's 6.30 News 6.30pm News - unknown
  • Tonight At Nine (from Prologue to A Hot August Night) [Neil Diamond]
  • Hillbilly Child (Theme from Country Calender) - Alan Moorhouse
  • The Lotus Eaters - Stavros Xarhakos Orch
  • Star Trek Theme - The Inside Startrek Orch
  • The Hanged Man - Bullet
  • Happy Days - The Silver Studs
  • The Sweeney - The Alan Tew Orch
  • The New Avengers - Laurie Johnson Orch
  • Warship - Band Of H.M. Welsh Guards
  • The Pallisers - New Philharmonic Orch
  • War And Peace (Czarist National Anthem) - The Band Of H.M. Welsh Guards.

Cassette insert

Cassette side 1

Cassette side 2

Telethon charity 45s

Marketing Department tie-ins

Occasionally TVNZ seems to have ventured into releases that had only vague or no relationship with shows in an effort to make some money.

Ready to Roll was an obvious excuse to release some chart topper complications so they couldn't really resist putting the logo to use:

But these two don't make any mention of anything on screen:

Christchurch label Golden Editions released a series of compilation albums that had "TVNZ" in their catalogue numbers, but aside from the occasional "seen on TV" label they doesn't seem to have been any direct link to the TV screen.

A slowly growing number the songs mentioned here can be found on music services such as spotify:

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