Sit-com about a NZ family - CUZ-FM talkback radio host Billy, his Australian wife Thelma, her beer-swilling brother Greg, and their Maori activist daughter


Billy T James as Billy
Mark Hadlow as Greg
Ilona Rodgers as Thelma
Wiila O'Neil as Nadine
Tani Wehi as Lydia

The Billy T James Show (Sitcom) - Excerpts


The Dream Badger
Skin Games
Putting on the Writs
Where There's a Will
It's My Party
Parting Shots
Kapai Noel
Quick Quick the Tohera's are Coming
Sex 'n' Drugs...
Play Nasty for Me
Panel Games
No Brain No Pain
China Beach Buddy
A Little Learning
In the Cool of the Evening
The Romeo Factor


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