Live radio variety show on tv set in the 1930's.

The Radio Times Orchestra cast

Dexter Fitzgibbons - Billy T. James
Guy Bosanquet - Craig Scott
Bunny Levaux - Alita
Tommy Blackhouse/Chuck Rutter - Laurie Dee
The Hi Spots - The Yandall Sisters
Trumpettes - Tracey Heath/Tammy Sylva
The Radio Theatre - Warc Slyfield/Ian Watkin/Alistair Douglas
Marjorie Manners - Louise Malloy

The Radio Times Orchestra

Andy Brown - Brass
Murray Musson - Baritone Sax/Clarinet
Neville Grenfell - Trumpet
Bruce King - Drums
Neil McGough - Trombone/Harmonica
Crombie Murdoch - Piano
Bob Paris - Guitar/Banjo
Wally Scott - Alto Sax/Clarinet
Bart Stokes - Tenor Sax/Clarinet
Merv Thomas - Tuba/Trombone
Jim Warren - Trumpet
John Williams - Alto Sax/Clarinet

An album of music from Radio Times is available digitally thanks to Video Pacific Communications and DRMNZ:

This album was originally released through Ode Records in the 1980s. The Radio Times Orchestra's musical director and producer was Bernie Allen. The recording engineer was Bruce Duske.

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