Author, screenwriter, national treasure.

Sad to hear of her passing as I've been reading A Summery Saturday Morning  to my young daughter a lot recently. I used to own her VHS copy of Akira which she sold at a charity auction during a SciFi Convention in Christchurch, New Zealand. She heartily recommended the film and was very enthusiastic about talking to folks there about storytelling of all kinds which I thought was rather cool.

Her work appeared on TV in:

New Zealand

Woolly Valley (1981-82)
Cuckoo Land (1986)
Haunting of Barney Palmer, The (1987)
Strangers (1989)
Typhon's People (1993)
Magical World of Margaret Mahy, the (1994)
Maddigan's Quest (2006)
Kaitangata Twitch (2010)

Overseas Productions

Aliens in the Family (1987)
Dramarama [The Horrible Story] (1987)
Playbus (The Princess and the Clown & Thunderstorms and Rainbows)

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